Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For a Unique Father............

I still cry for my daddy....Dear God why does it hurt so much, 20 years on and I still weep when a child screams 'daddy'. It comes rushing back daddy.....your face; when disciplining your exasperating daughter (Moi), when laughing at her antics and when you are the one clowning around! I love you dad and I know you did love me so so much, you said I was your mother come back to life (Guess it was just an excuse to convince yourself that you 'just' had to love me more than my siblings!)
I thank God for the few years we had together here on earth and I know the almighty had a good reason for taking you away from me while I was still so young........ Daddy I have grown up faster than I would have if you were still around but then growing up wasn't so bad as I now realise that you really were training me for adulthood as young as I was then ( Were you aware that you were not going to be around to see me through to adulthood?) Some say mothers are minigods but then I guess they never had a father like you!

It is not any better now dad, but I do hold on to all you taught me and I forge on; I try to do good and avoid evil while remembering that no man is my friend and none is my enemy but all are my teachers.

I did not learn all my lessons well though as I talk a lot but then I combine this with the ability to listen intensively!

Dad, I hope to be a good parent to my kids (When I do have them......) so I am determined that I will marry a man who is as good as you since it will be difficult to get one better than you!

Baba ni digi.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot pencil

Then his 7 year old daughter said "Daddy there's a bullet on your bedroom floor". "Stop that Ejiro, it's ur mother's eyepencil cover" he replied. Then to prove to his beloved girl he bent and picked the object up with his forefinger and thumb.....he dropped it burnt his fingers!
He looked around the room but all was quiet, nothing was out of place then he looked up and saw the neat hole in the roof.
Papa Ejiro looked down at his daughter who had been sitting on his bedroom floor playing with her dolls.

Not a work of fiction I assure you fellow Nigerians, the menace of stray police and army bullets aint over yet!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nigeria we Hail thee!

What is spectacular about the Nigerian? We often get a mention when good and bad is done anywhere in the world, it is stipulated that 1 out of every 5 black man is a Nigerian, I should then feel free to assume that at least 2 of every 10 Black American is of Nigerian ancestry! Despite these facts or fables as the case may be, Nigerians appear impotent to change the face of bad leadership in the country. Is it acceptable that a few callous people in the name of being governors, senators, ministers and what have we, hold about 140million brainy people to ransome?

When are we going to rise and with one voice delare 'Enough!'
Well, the 'one voice' is the trick. It is sad that some people do not mind that Nigerians are being visited with war in their land; not by Europeans or Portuguese but by fellow Nigerians.

No one is happy with the millitancy in the Niger Delta but it is sheer lack of knowledge and not patriotism that will make any right thinking person believe that declaring a war on the Niger Deltans is the way forward.

If electricity is supplied to Nigerians, it will enhance lives and more idle hands will become productive. But is anyone listening? At least the 'Aba made' market will bubble if there is constant power supply!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

War Against Mugu. WAM!

Now, I just want to post a few lines on Nigeria's fraudaulent image which the white man feeds its slow-to-catch-on citizens.

They should call a spade a spade and pass on the true liberating message, which I believe should go like this; "Dear citizens of .........(fill in the gap), I regret to inform you that the stupid and easy to dupe compared-to-a monkey black man, has now shown himself to be much wiser than we! It is to this end that I beg you to have a bit of sense and be less greedy so as not to be at the receiving end of their back to sender 419 activities, damn! but it seems they are determined to 'steal 'back all that we 'acquired' from them. Despite the fact that we scream that they are corrupt in order to label their intelligent yahoo-yahoo boys and demoralise their thieving government (we taught their leaders to 'acquire' by the way) which goes on rebranding projects and set up 'aunty' corruption bodies, yahoo-yahoo boys are no longer fooled with our gimmicks and we the hunter are now being haunted!" (at this point, speaker takes a minute to rub his red nose and ears) I need you, dear citizens to stop bringing shame to our pinkish white skins by simply clicking DELETE even when your 'longathroat' throbs at the mouth watering offer of a large unearned income. Abeg, stop showing the world how greedy and real stupid most Caucasians are. Thank you".

With this 'hard talk' we might eventually be rid of international fraud since there will be no more 'greedy mugus' to destroy our relatively 'pure and innocent'reputation!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who says what we watch does not shape our lives?

Rent-a-ghost and Doctor Who. These are two old films that I believe made it easier for blacks to understand and analyse their morbid fear of the unknown and we in turn with our African movies have made the whites understand and face up to their hidden fears that the black man is actually an intelligent being for having fears about the unknown!

The' R' word or the recession to spell it out is an occurrence that could have been reasonably contained if the whites had nursed some fears about living lavishly on the power of the credit card. I dare not gloat however, as it is a global thing now. Just shows that it is not only Nigeria that will suffer for the neglect and the injustice of the Niger Delta issue, it will be a global thing just as the recession is....oh, some expatriates are being kidnapped already..... let us act on the black man's penchant for fear and solve this global issue that is already getting out of hand.

France, America, Britain, and Nigeria can start with the speedy judgement of the 'Halliburton' thieves. Then a re-branding can work for Nigeria; security (check), transport system (check), energy (check), clean environment (check), dignity of human lives (check)... all these will make Nigeria a better place and will certainly impact the global world. We are not known as the most populous black nation for nothing!
Obama's dealings with Islamic countries is also being watched, I pray he does the right thing for the sake of the global world we live in.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our elders mouth smells!

A certain blogger seems to think the Nigerian youth is 'hideously conservative'.
How conservative are you? I mean where do you draw the line between being 'worldly wise' in the Western world manner and being 'refined' (reads primitive and prudish to the racsist blogger!) I mean is the Nigerian youth repulsively conservative or is it all a pretense?
Let us take the 'born again' phenomenom as an example, good muslim girls who do not wear the hijab (veil) while home, gain admission into the University and by their year 2 the veil is on (Often times it is to impress Alfa) or the 'holy' christain girls who blast tongues during church service and resume their speaking in tongues in bed when they visit their boyfriends in the bobos off campus lodge.
Pity I can not speak for the youth who practises the African traditional religion, (did not meet any who owned up to the religion while in school!) I can only hope they are more 'real'.
The German blogger might be right but is the Nigerian youth any more 'conservative' than say, the Asian and Caucasian (Oyinbo) youth?
In Africa respect is important but does the instilling of discipline really beat out the creativity in the youth? Then where did; D'banj, 9ice, Asa and the rest of them get theirs from?
In the name of being 'modern' should we forsake our pride as Africans? Move around town in our undies and tell our grandfathers to drop the 'bloody' chewing stick and use the 'damned' toothbrush because it cleans his mouth better? We might want to tell the elders they are wrong when they are, but it should be done in the African way. Right or Wrong?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oke-Ogun State versus Ijebu State.

I am at it again!
But this time around, I'm out to get people views especially people who are familiar with Western Nigeria states.
The people of ijebu in Ogun state are clamouring for the creation of Ijebu State while those from Oke-Ogun region in Oyo state also want their own state separate from the large landmass which make up Oyo state.
Judging from; the level of underdevelopment, of landmass, and population, whom of the 2 should be taken as a serious case?

Friday, January 16, 2009

On Your Own (OYO)

I am not a pessimist but what do we hear now from Uzoma Okere's quarters?
The life of the common man is not worth a reckoning in Nigeria. If not, what has choked up the voices of all the citizens who at one time or the other had been harrased for daring to 'drag' road with 'Almighty officer' or not dipping hands in the pocket to give officer 'something for the boys'.
It will happen again! In fact it is currently happening only that those concerned are not the daughters of some 'big man' so their voices do not count.
Rather than tackle issues as they arise, we allow ourselves get distracted by the governments' tactics which come up at every turn; Declaration of emergency in the power sector, Nuhu Ribadu, Dora Akunyili, Cabinet reshuffle, Fall in oil prices.
How do all these affect the average nigerian whose lifestyle did not get better when; Ribadu was hard at work fighting corruption in high places, the oil boom only made the 'big men' stuff themselves the more,like the pigs they are, and there was no minister for Health for over nine (9) months.
Now we are all expected to cry and mourn along with the 'dem all crazy' leaders that oil price has fallen.
"A nation that can not feed itself will always remain subservient to others" (Beautiful Nubia) Each man should continue to strive for his living as the only thing this government has in store for us is, NOTHING!