Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nigeria we Hail thee!

What is spectacular about the Nigerian? We often get a mention when good and bad is done anywhere in the world, it is stipulated that 1 out of every 5 black man is a Nigerian, I should then feel free to assume that at least 2 of every 10 Black American is of Nigerian ancestry! Despite these facts or fables as the case may be, Nigerians appear impotent to change the face of bad leadership in the country. Is it acceptable that a few callous people in the name of being governors, senators, ministers and what have we, hold about 140million brainy people to ransome?

When are we going to rise and with one voice delare 'Enough!'
Well, the 'one voice' is the trick. It is sad that some people do not mind that Nigerians are being visited with war in their land; not by Europeans or Portuguese but by fellow Nigerians.

No one is happy with the millitancy in the Niger Delta but it is sheer lack of knowledge and not patriotism that will make any right thinking person believe that declaring a war on the Niger Deltans is the way forward.

If electricity is supplied to Nigerians, it will enhance lives and more idle hands will become productive. But is anyone listening? At least the 'Aba made' market will bubble if there is constant power supply!


  1. Yeah! That's the point of the article even if my Aba brothers are used as the point of contact. This country is great Nigerians are great people...but what is a 'great' nation..... in darkness???