Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our elders mouth smells!

A certain blogger seems to think the Nigerian youth is 'hideously conservative'.
How conservative are you? I mean where do you draw the line between being 'worldly wise' in the Western world manner and being 'refined' (reads primitive and prudish to the racsist blogger!) I mean is the Nigerian youth repulsively conservative or is it all a pretense?
Let us take the 'born again' phenomenom as an example, good muslim girls who do not wear the hijab (veil) while home, gain admission into the University and by their year 2 the veil is on (Often times it is to impress Alfa) or the 'holy' christain girls who blast tongues during church service and resume their speaking in tongues in bed when they visit their boyfriends in the bobos off campus lodge.
Pity I can not speak for the youth who practises the African traditional religion, (did not meet any who owned up to the religion while in school!) I can only hope they are more 'real'.
The German blogger might be right but is the Nigerian youth any more 'conservative' than say, the Asian and Caucasian (Oyinbo) youth?
In Africa respect is important but does the instilling of discipline really beat out the creativity in the youth? Then where did; D'banj, 9ice, Asa and the rest of them get theirs from?
In the name of being 'modern' should we forsake our pride as Africans? Move around town in our undies and tell our grandfathers to drop the 'bloody' chewing stick and use the 'damned' toothbrush because it cleans his mouth better? We might want to tell the elders they are wrong when they are, but it should be done in the African way. Right or Wrong?