Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who says what we watch does not shape our lives?

Rent-a-ghost and Doctor Who. These are two old films that I believe made it easier for blacks to understand and analyse their morbid fear of the unknown and we in turn with our African movies have made the whites understand and face up to their hidden fears that the black man is actually an intelligent being for having fears about the unknown!

The' R' word or the recession to spell it out is an occurrence that could have been reasonably contained if the whites had nursed some fears about living lavishly on the power of the credit card. I dare not gloat however, as it is a global thing now. Just shows that it is not only Nigeria that will suffer for the neglect and the injustice of the Niger Delta issue, it will be a global thing just as the recession is....oh, some expatriates are being kidnapped already..... let us act on the black man's penchant for fear and solve this global issue that is already getting out of hand.

France, America, Britain, and Nigeria can start with the speedy judgement of the 'Halliburton' thieves. Then a re-branding can work for Nigeria; security (check), transport system (check), energy (check), clean environment (check), dignity of human lives (check)... all these will make Nigeria a better place and will certainly impact the global world. We are not known as the most populous black nation for nothing!
Obama's dealings with Islamic countries is also being watched, I pray he does the right thing for the sake of the global world we live in.


  1. Rent-a-ghost! Ha ha ha...I can't believe you remember that. God, it brings back memories of childhood.

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