Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oke-Ogun State versus Ijebu State.

I am at it again!
But this time around, I'm out to get people views especially people who are familiar with Western Nigeria states.
The people of ijebu in Ogun state are clamouring for the creation of Ijebu State while those from Oke-Ogun region in Oyo state also want their own state separate from the large landmass which make up Oyo state.
Judging from; the level of underdevelopment, of landmass, and population, whom of the 2 should be taken as a serious case?


  1. Neither party, i think there should be a freeze on state creation until there is ample evidence that all the existing state are functioning as they should, i.e good road, good schools, adequate security and so on.

  2. It confirms the failure of the Nigerian state. We are moving ever closer to where we all were before colonialism. The Yoruba states were fragmented and lacked social cohesion as a result of fighting among their leadership. Has anyone noticed those who clamour for states are the so called elite who want postions in the newly created economically unviable states. There will be a need to decide what kind of society we need .

  3. I think the best way forward to bring a lasting peace is to turn every village in Naija to a State, then everyone will be happy. For me, I am campaigning to have my Street in Eko named after me then turned into a State and I'll be the Governor of it. Taxes? I want ask for much. Just 49% income tax and 58% corporation tax.