Friday, January 16, 2009

On Your Own (OYO)

I am not a pessimist but what do we hear now from Uzoma Okere's quarters?
The life of the common man is not worth a reckoning in Nigeria. If not, what has choked up the voices of all the citizens who at one time or the other had been harrased for daring to 'drag' road with 'Almighty officer' or not dipping hands in the pocket to give officer 'something for the boys'.
It will happen again! In fact it is currently happening only that those concerned are not the daughters of some 'big man' so their voices do not count.
Rather than tackle issues as they arise, we allow ourselves get distracted by the governments' tactics which come up at every turn; Declaration of emergency in the power sector, Nuhu Ribadu, Dora Akunyili, Cabinet reshuffle, Fall in oil prices.
How do all these affect the average nigerian whose lifestyle did not get better when; Ribadu was hard at work fighting corruption in high places, the oil boom only made the 'big men' stuff themselves the more,like the pigs they are, and there was no minister for Health for over nine (9) months.
Now we are all expected to cry and mourn along with the 'dem all crazy' leaders that oil price has fallen.
"A nation that can not feed itself will always remain subservient to others" (Beautiful Nubia) Each man should continue to strive for his living as the only thing this government has in store for us is, NOTHING!

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