Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For a Unique Father............

I still cry for my daddy....Dear God why does it hurt so much, 20 years on and I still weep when a child screams 'daddy'. It comes rushing back daddy.....your face; when disciplining your exasperating daughter (Moi), when laughing at her antics and when you are the one clowning around! I love you dad and I know you did love me so so much, you said I was your mother come back to life (Guess it was just an excuse to convince yourself that you 'just' had to love me more than my siblings!)
I thank God for the few years we had together here on earth and I know the almighty had a good reason for taking you away from me while I was still so young........ Daddy I have grown up faster than I would have if you were still around but then growing up wasn't so bad as I now realise that you really were training me for adulthood as young as I was then ( Were you aware that you were not going to be around to see me through to adulthood?) Some say mothers are minigods but then I guess they never had a father like you!

It is not any better now dad, but I do hold on to all you taught me and I forge on; I try to do good and avoid evil while remembering that no man is my friend and none is my enemy but all are my teachers.

I did not learn all my lessons well though as I talk a lot but then I combine this with the ability to listen intensively!

Dad, I hope to be a good parent to my kids (When I do have them......) so I am determined that I will marry a man who is as good as you since it will be difficult to get one better than you!

Baba ni digi.

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