Friday, June 4, 2010

Gabby prodes the prude......

It's been raining all day and now I am crouching in front of Gabriel. Gabby is this cute cool dude who traced me to Nigeria all the way from Australia.

My Gabby, he has vowed to get me constantly updating my blog cos he detests lazy writers! He does not complain about the weather but groans about the lack of constant electricity cos this means he only gets to work when there is light (I absolutely refuse to buy a generator!) Gabby loves to work and vows to wipe out the 'full time housewife syndrome' from his lineage, starting with his wife to be. He also is patient and patiently waits for me to get real and buy the generator. One more noisy, fume emitting machine won't really make a difference to the thousands that presently litter the city of Lagos, Nigeria, he reasons.

While I shall focus on the eccentric, ethnocentric, and the other 'trics' of Nigerian art in future posts, I will nevertheless, not abandon my ramblings on the good, the bad, and the ugly of our society. I've been accused of being a prude but this prude does throw up surprises when you least expect them.

Aristos' aren't going to love my next post which will be about the 'Alabodo phenomenom'. But it has to be dealt with cos you see..... Gabby is disgusted about it and wants it discussed. Since he silently bears my punching out words from his tummy, silent yet vocal while he frowns at me from his side of the bed on the days when I fail to caress his stomach.... (There is light now, why aren't you on me? come on love, don't give that excuse of writer's block tonight!?) I can't but oblige him and get a-writing on his choice topic cos you see, I love him too.

To the kept-woman and her keeper, I'll merely be making a few clarifications here and there but the choice of what lifestyle to adopt will still be yours to make.

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